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Nov 1, 2012

As of Late

So long October, it's been real!
1. New packaging for the shop  2. Pretending I'm British with Digestives, Twinings tea, and a Made in Chelsea marathon (if you don't know what
that is, I highly recommend you find it on the interweb asap!), 3. Packing up some birthday goodies for my sister  4. I have decided to learn how
to cook properly, first thing up was chicken and orzo soup via Dinner: A Love Story.  5. Went to see the Black Keys perform which was amazing
and involved the coolest, sparkliest disco ball I've ever seen.  6. Almost done with my first crochet project! (a blanket in case you couldn't tell).
7. Coincidentally, all of my friends seem to have a liking of animal humor in common as seen on my birthday.  8. A cute new store I stumbled
upon in downtown Mesa called Design Lab  9. My friend holding a letterpress favor from the Blinktank (a super cool new graphic design
company based in Tempe) launch party.


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