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Aug 7, 2013

Snapshot / Gillian Stevens

For this week's snapshot post we've got the lovely Gillian Stevens. A photographer and style blogger based in Vancouver, BC. 

What do you do?

My goal is to pursue my photography full time, and so I have been doing anything and everything to try and make that possible. I have always been very creative, but photography is where all of my creativity reaches new heights. It constantly excites me - and I always want to do more and more. I actually really detest blogging, but it seems like the easiest way to get my work out there, and is an outlet for me to share my projects and further develop my skills. I also love how it can connect me to other amazing artists and creatives.

Any exciting upcoming projects?

I write a blog called Part & Parcel with my friend Jennifer Moss, who is an amazingly talented girl and creative genius. The work we do together is continually developing and we have been able to be part of some really cool projects. It seems like we never want to do the same thing twice and therefore all the projects we take on are new and exciting.
Aside from Part & Parcel, I am working on some really exciting photoshoots that are taking me out of my "normal" element. It's great. I love different.

How would you describe your style?

My style is sometimes hard to pinpoint and can change from day to day. However, I like to think that words such as feminine, vintage, eclectic, flowy, classic, earth toned, and pattern could be used to describe it. Right now I am very inspired by Eastern European style, as well as everything oversized. There's something very classy and feminine about loose fitting garments. I don't know exactly how to describe it - but I love it!

I found this amazing dress at a vintage store in Gastown (Community) and haven't been able to wear much else since! The sweater is from a favourite local store, Loft 82, my bracelet is 31 Bits, necklace from anthr, and my gold ring is from Charlie & Lee.

Favorite local places at the moment?

My husband and I just moved to an amazing new community close to downtown Vancouver, and we are loving every inch of it. There are so many cool restaurants and coffee shops to visit - not to mention amazing local beaches that I can't seem to stay away from. Running along the sea wall in the mornings is probably one of my favourite things about where I live. I always feel so inspired and exhilarated after my exercise! I also have been in love with the salads from Finches, and the coffee from Culprit.

What are you currently listening to?

My running playlist is pretty much filled with Justin Timberlake and Imagine Dragons. John Mayer's new songs Dear Marie and Wild Fire are great for photo editing. This playlist (I know the name is so awful - but I swear it's a good mix! - haha). And some Ella Fitzgerald while I am cooking dinner. 

Thanks Gillian! 
**Also be sure to check out her super gorgeous instagram feed!


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