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Oct 3, 2013

Snapshot / Beth Kirby

The absolutely lovely Beth Kirby from Local Milk is showing us a look into her gorgeous space and answering a few questions. I couldn't be happier to have her sharing over here today, she's a major talent and her blog is seriously one of my biggest inspirations!

What do you do / tell us about Local Milk.
I'm a freelance writer, photographer, stylist, and recipe developer. I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman, mostly because the alternative would be dilettante. Local Milk is a space inspired by everything from clean sheets to buttermilk, copper kettles to a fine hat. It's a space devoted to curating daily life, from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all the moments in between. It's for the homebody with wanderlust and the nomadic nester alike; it's about traveling in your back yard and finding home in far away places. It's my hope that it offers a lovely, if momentary, refuge from the anxieties of modern life, and I try to provide readers not only a consistent stream of original, seasonal recipes but ideas for living one day at a time, for being present and discovering beauty in their everyday routines. 

Any exciting upcoming projects?
So many! But I'm pretty excitable, so even the little projects are exciting to me. I'm opening up a little online pop up shop called Sweet Gum Co. featuring southern made & found provisions for the home and kitchen, everything from reclaimed wood breadboards to hand dyed linens to ceramics to vintage items. The opening is tentatively slated for November 1st. I'm also working on a cookbook proposal; hosting a Kinfolk workshop here in Chattanooga, TN in late November; and we're doing a full kitchen renovation with the amazing design team the Jersey Ice Cream Co. to turn in into a space for everything from workshops to photo shoots.

What does your typical day look like?
I wake up begrudgingly (not a morning gal), check my email before my eyes are even fully open (lousy habit), brush my teeth & shower, and then I have my quotidian breakfast; yogurt, fruit, and granola + strong coffee with copious amounts of cream. After that, a typical day can look one of two ways, either I'm cooking and shooting or I'm editing and writing. If I'm cooking and shooting, I spend the day in the kitchen and dining room (which is where I shoot). If not, I spend it tethered to the computer bouncing between Gmail, Word, Lightroom, and Pinterest. I'm kind of ADD. Working on the computer is difficult. I prefer the cooking and shooting days! In the evenings I try to get to a yoga class with my fiancé (he totally goes with me!) & then we sit down for a civilized dinner. I end every single night curled up next to him, watching something on ye olde Netflix & reconnecting after a full day. 

Describe your personal style / where are your favorite places to shop at the moment?
My personal style is boyish, classic yet ecclectic, and extremely low maintenance; I wear clothes that can go seamlessly from market to kitchen to hostess with little to no change. I'm interested in texture and shape, and I don't really go in for bright colors, busy patterns, or overtly feminine looks, though I like to have an element of feminine for contrast, and I've been known to wear the odd red skirt. I've had a hat obsession for the past ten years, and it's still going strong. I own a lot of hats. My most recent purchase was a vintage brown, virgin wool Pendleton wide brim. I mostly live in my imogene + willie Elizabeth jeans (relatively new & I'm so very smitten with them) or vintage Levi's overalls and either Swedish clogs, L.L. Bean duck boots, or my old leather chelsea boots. I believe in tucking your shirt in and I'm not a busy jewelry girl. I Love simple metal work like Odette and Another Feather. My favoritite place to shop is hands down Etsy, and stores like Steven Alan, Need Supply Co., and Joinery are sources of covetous thoughts along with a choice handful of little online shoppes. Currently saving for a Lasso tank by State and an Ace & Jig dress. I usually invest in basics like a well made leather bag, sturdy boots, or tailored pants and for everything else I go vintage. I'd say my new to vintage ratio is about 10/90.

Where are you based / What are your favorite local places at the moment?
I'm based in Chattanooga, TN which is a wonderful place to call home. It's right on the Tennessee River, nestled in the mountains, and it's close to both the country and Birmingham, Atlanta, and Nashville, so I'm never too far from both Appalachia, urban civilization, and an international airport. My favorite local places to eat are Sluggo's (a little vegan diner), Taqueria Jalisco (the best mexican street food), The Purple Daisy (my favorite BBQ sandwich), Lamar's (a dive bar with slap yo momma fried chicken), and Famous Nater's (a food truck with one of the best chef's in town behind it). For shopping hit up the Knitting Mill, Collective Clothing, Fredonia, Warehouse Row, and Sophie's. Also, the Main Street Farmer's Market on Wednesday afternoon is probably my favorite place of all.

What are you currently listening to?
I'm a record collecting music nerd, so that's always a hard question. Lately, I've been listening to old standbys: The Last's L.A. Explosion (just one of the best albums ever), Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Roland S. Howard, The Nerves, The Modern Lovers, Rachmaninoff, and I'm always up for garage rock, old country music, chansons style french tunes, 80's music, and Phil Spector's Back to Mono. Oh, and I have a weakness for D.J. Khaled's All I Do Is Win feat. Ludacris and Snoop Dogg. It's hilarious, gets me psyched, and reminds me of my little brother. 

What are your favorite blogs and/or sources of inspiration at the moment?
Here's my current line up. Food blogs: The Vanilla Bean Blog, Happyolks, Dash and Bella, {farmette}, The First Mess, For the Love of the South, Hungry Ghost, Manger, LIttle Upside Down Cake, Apt. 2B Baking Co., and Always with Butter. Not food blogs: A Daily Something, Rebekka Seale, Luisa Brimble, Another Feather, Pennyweight, Olivia Rae James, The Blue Hour, and Bleubird.

Also, be sure to follow her Pinterest and Instagram.

Thanks, Beth!


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