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Feb 12, 2014

Snapshot / Caroline Sleeper

This week I'm so excited to share a little about the lovely Arizona based designer/photographer Caroline Sleeper!

What do you do / tell us about your design & photography work.
I am a freelance designer, photographer, and stylist. I grew up in Southern California, then I spent 2 years living in Seattle before moving to Flagstaff, AZ where I currently live. I love trying new things and going to new places. So much of my photography and design is inspired by the places I've been and people I have met.

Any exciting upcoming projects?
I have so many projects coming in right now and I love it. I think the 2 that I am most excited about are a wedding design package for a couple getting married here in Flagstaff and a re-branding project I am doing for a make-up artist/stylist who is based on the east coast. I've just been so lucky to be connecting with such amazing clients lately!

What does your typical day look like?
I crave consistency, but unfortunately my life is too crazy to have a typical day. I have a part-time "day job" at a small shoe and clothing boutique. Days that I'm not surrounded by clothing I try to dedicate to working on freelance projects and other self-employed duties. Typically, I'll wake up early. I'm an early bird, I love mornings. I'll make myself some tea or coffee and check my emails. Then I'll make a to-do list and get started. Everyday is different because I have such a wide range of different projects. Usually I try to wrap up work by late afternoon and then, being the extrovert that I am, I try to spend some time with friends. I love what I do for a living but more importantly I love the people I get to do life with.

Describe your personal style/favorite places to shop at the moment?
I wear a lot of neutrals. I love black. I love gold. I love cream. Gray. Brown. Etc. I wear a lot of basics. Usually a pair of dark or black jeans, a black shirt, a lighter colored sweater, boots or flats, and a watch. SImple, clean, feminine, consistent. I also always do a cat-eye liner and mascara. I will always love shopping at Anthropologie. I work at Shoes & Such in Flagstaff so of course I love shopping there. I wear Levi's jeans exclusively so that's definitely a fave. Some other classic favorites are, J. Crew, Madewell, Free People, etc. I rarely by anything full price though, I'm a total sale section addict.

Where are you based/What are your favorite local places at the moment?
I'm based in Flagstaff, AZ currently but I'm planning on moving within the next 6-9 months so I'll have to keep you all updated on that. As far as favorite places, I'm a total foodie so the first places to come to mind are all restaurants. Pizzicletta, Criollo, Firecreek Coffee, Diablo Burger, Rendezvous, Fratelli's, Hops on Birch, and The Speakeasy. Flagstaff is such a small unique town that has so much culture for it's size.

What are you currently listening to?
My musical taste is so weird. I have classic favorites like The Avett Bros., Head and the Heart, Kings of Leon, Band of Horses, and City & Colour. But I also love Drake, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Shakey Graves, Cataldo, John Mayer, Ages and Ages, Radical Face, Joe Pug, etc.

What are your favorite blogs and/or sources of inspiration at the moment?
Blogs/People I follow: Darling Magazine, Thoughts by Natalie, A Beautiful Mess, Hello Giggles, Braid Creative, and The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Thank you, Caroline!
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  1. beautiful, beautiful photos. what a talented lady- her lettering is magical. wonderfully captured!